Sunday, December 19, 2010

Knitter's block?

Knitter's Block.... what a terrible thing! Yes, I made it up.... It's like Writer's Block in Knitters.  Has anybody had Knitter's block recently?  With the holidays, and such, I haven't known what presents to start! So now, with Christmas 6 days away, I have made/wrapped:
Two presents which I cannot put up in case my parents decide to read this blog :)
and a stuffed cat.

I've wrapped one present......

Wish me luck.

So a way to get rid of knitter's block:
  1. Count down the days until you need a certain amount of gifts.
  2. Try to knit one gift a day.
  3. Decide an order, like Oldest to Youngest, or opposite.  Or maybe people who you are most closely related to the ones furthest away on your family tree!
  4. Keep knitting.  Don't stop.  Even if you don't know what to knit, cast on, and start knitting!
I hope that list helps! Merry Christmas! (Will probably post on Christmas!)


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