Wednesday, August 31, 2011

iPod Holder

I am getting an iPod touch soon, so I'm going to knit a special (well padded!!) case for it. 

Because it would not be hard to break things in knit holder I'm going to knit the basic "shell" of the case first.  It's going to look nice, and be colorful, and stuff because it's the outside.  Then I'm going to knit a padding.  The padding will go on the inside of the case.  It doesn't matter whether or not it looks nice, it only has to be thick, and it has to b able to protect the iPod from harm. 

The outside is going to be a pretty mixture of blues, purples, and blue-greens.  One of my favorite yarns.  It is not too thick, but isn't too thin either.
The inside is going to be a thick black that has other colors (Blue, Purple, and Green) in it.  Another of my favorites :)  I don't have very much of this color, so if I run out I'm going to use plain black. 

I don't have an iPod touch yet, so I'm only guessing about how big this should be.  If it's too small it could be a cell phone holder.  I am using size 10 needles, my favorite size, but I believe you can use any size.

Ok, so lets start on the pattern. 

1. Take color one (C1) and cast on (CO) 15 Stitches (ST) (remember we have to make this a little bit big so we can put the lining in.  Also remember that knit things can stretch.)
2. Knit for seven inches. (7")
3. Bind off (BO)
4. Cast on (CO) 13 Stitches (ST) of color two (C2).
5. Knit for knit fir six inches (6")
6. Bind off (BO)
7. Sew the lining onto the outside, then sew all but one side of the outside.
8. Add a button, or a tie to keep it closed, now you have an iPod holder!