Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mother's Day.

I admit it.  Meep, and I have been very distracted lately, and haven't been posting.  So I'm going to try and see if we can get this blog going again.

My Dad had a weekend long class, and he had given a friend of his a bag of dog fur.  His friend had spun the fur, and given it back to him. 
   So when my Dad got home he snuck me the yarn.  He asked me to knit a scarf for my Mom for Mother's day.  So, on Mother's day MORNING I finshed the scarf.  And I also made a small bookmark for my Grandmother.
   The pattern on the scarf was simple.

1. CO 25 ST.
2. Knit for about an inch.  (You can use any Knit/Purl pattern you want.  I used all knit, no purl.)
3. Start BO 1 every row, until you have 15 ST.
4. Knit to desired length.
5. CO 1 every row until you have 25 again.
6. Knit for an inch.
7. BO.

The yarn I used was made out of the fur of our dog.  Good luck getting dog-hair yarn :)


  1. I have heard of dog fur yarn before... there are a few people who make a living by spinning pet fur into yarn. Amazing! I would like to do that for my dogs, but I don't have the money, and I am not quite sure how to get all that fur off the dogs! (I've heard it has to be the underfur, which is softer, and not the usual fur that you feel when you pet them!)

    1. @ Nicki - the fur that was used for the dog fur scarf was from brushing the dog. She was a chow-chow and twice a year she would blow her whole coat, but any time we brushed her, we'd get a bagful of fur. Unfortunately, it wasn't until she was very old that we finally decided to do something with the fur, and now that she's passed away, we have no long-hair dog for yarn ;). We do, however, have a new angora rabbit, and we're hoping to adopt another chow-chow or other long-haired dog.

      It's a beautiful, warm, soft scarf, and was such an amazing surprise.


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