Monday, November 15, 2010

Introduction to KAA

Welcome to Knit An Adventure.  If you like knitting you've found the right blog! On this blog we'll post knitting patterns that we've found, and things that we've made.  As you might have seen the two authors of this blog are: Me (KAT), and My best friend Meeeeeep (We will just call ourselves and each other, Kat, and Meep).

Right now we're working on STUFFED ANIMALS:  They're not difficult, but they're not really easy either.  Stuffie #1: Cats.  Stuffie #2: Bird.  Stuffie #3: Rabbits! These are the first animals Meep and I are planning to make.  Meep has already completed her cat, and is working on the bird.  I'm still working on the cat.  We will get pictures and post them!! Along with the pattern! It's pretty simple, but it takes a while. 

If you like knitting follow KAA, and join our club! HISTORY OF KAA: When meep, and I started knitting, we also wanted to start a knitting club.  So we talked about it a bit more, and decided on the name KNIT AN ADVENTURE.  We have not gotten any new members, so it is a two person club at the moment. 

Well that's it for my first post!

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