Friday, January 21, 2011

Fishy! *Pattern!*

This is a pattern I altered.  Meep found a pattern online about how to make fish, and this is an altered version of the Angelfish! Very easy, and if you're looking to sell them they go fast! CA, and CB are optional.  You may use only one color, or you can knit stripes! I, personally, prefer to use two different yarns at once, then switch to two other yarns.

*1. CO (Cast On) 14 ST(stitches) with CA(Color A, or Color one.).
2. Knit three rows in ST ST(Stockinette Stitch).
3. Continue in the ST ST, but DEC one(Decrease one) every normal knit row until you only have 6 ST left.
4. Knit 3 more rows in ST ST.
5. Now switch to CB(Color B, or Color two).
6. CO 6 ST.  Knit that row.  CO 6 ST.  Knit second row.
7. Knit 4 rows ST ST.
8. BEG(Begin) DEC one every row.  Normal knit rows, until you have only 2 ST.*
9. Anything in between "stars" means repeat those steps!
10. Sew the two together, and stuff.
11. Steps 9-11 are completely optional! Meep and I are successfully(and accidently) selling the half fish! :O

Have fun with this pattern!

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