Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wallet *PATTERN!*

I was think about what I should knit.  I couldn't decide.  So I was looking through a knitting book I have and found a pattern for a wallet! Then I thought, hmm, I bet I can change this pattern a bit so I can make a really cool wallet! I have made a wallet before, but it was actually a failure.  It's completely awful, and the funny part about it is, I still have the wallet! So now I have a new pattern that I'm trying out, and I decided to give you a chance, too! My pattern may be a bit confusing, as it has a pocket for change.  I also add the abbreviations to all my patterns, and there meanings, so people can learn them if they don't know them!

First you'll need the colors you're going to be knitting with.  I am making a Black and Red wallet right now, because those are my favorite colors! I'm knitting with size 10 needles, but any size will likely work.  I am going to be sewing everything in CB (color B) which is red, and the main body of the Wallet is going to be CA (Color A) which for me is black.
1. CO (Cast on) 36 ST (Stitches) with CA (Color A).
2. Knit until the piece measures 6".  (One inch longer than two dollar bills stacked on top of one another.)
3. BO (Bind Off).
4. Fold in half and sew the sides with CC (Contrasting Color).
5. CO (Cast On) 15 ST (Stitches) with CB (Color B)
6. This piece of the pattern may need to be P (Purled), as it makes a tighter ST (Stitch).  At least it does in my expirence! ST ST (Stockinette Stitch) will work as well.  If you can't purl, then Garter ST (Garter Stitch is just your normal knit ST (Stitch ;)) will work just fine!
7. Knit, Purl, or ST ST(Stockinette Stitch) until piece measures 5".
8. BO (Bind Off).
9. Sew the new square onto the original piece, leaving the top open.
10. Now the fun part! fold the piece into thirds and figure out where you want the button.  Sew the button on in the place.
11. Attach a piece of yarn to make a button hole.
12. Do step 10 and 11 to the change pocket, then just add money!

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  1. Wait! Before anybody trys to knit this, 36 ST makes the piece 11 1/2" long! I recomend cutting it down to around 30, or 25 ST!


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